Equipment List

CNC Vertical Machining Centers

Kitamura 40 taper, X=20" x Y=14" x Z=18", with 4th indexes
Kitamura 40 taper, X=20" x Y=14" x Z=18", with 4th indexes
Kitamura 40 taper, X=30" x Y=18" x Z=18", with true 4th
Excel 40 taper X=40", Y=20" x Z=20"
Johnsford 40 taper , X=45" x Y=21" x Z=12"
Takumi Seiki 50 taper , X=60" x Y=30" x Z=27"

CNC Lathes

Okuma Cadet, 10" Swing and 20" Center with 2" diameter thru chuck
Daewoo 16.6" Swing and 25.5" Center 3" diameter thru the chuck

Semi Auto Machining Centers

Millitronics 30 taper, X=32", Y=19", Z=22.5"
Quantity of 4, Bridgeport E-Z TRAC 30 taper, X=31", Y=14", Z=12"

Wire EDM

Charmilles X=13.7", Y=8.6", Z= 8.6"

Manual Lathes

ROMI Ezpath Lathe 8" Swing and 36" Tail Stock 2" diameter thru the chuck
American Tool Lathe 14.5" Swing and 80" Tail Stock
Tug 40 Engine Lathe 16" Swing and 65" Tail Stock

Manual Mills

Standard Bridgeport style mill with digital readout
Enco Bridgeport style mill with digital readout


Sunnen Hone with Federal Air Gauges


COBRA 200 amp wire feed machine
Miller-Dynasty 300 TIG Welder
Quantity of 2 - Miller Synchrowave 200 Runner TIG Welder
Thermal-Dynamics CutMaster50 Plasma Arc Cutting Machine
Smith Oxy-Acetylene torch set
Two Ton Overhead Bridge Crane
Press Break X=.10" Al(.06"steel) X 48"
Shear X=.10" Al(.06"steel) X 48"
Plasma CNC Cutting Center X=48",Y=96" maximum thickness Steel 1.25" and Aluminum 1/2"

Inspection Equipment

1998 Starret CMM X-Travel 28", Y-Travel 40" and Z-Travel 24", ANSI calibrated
Optical Comparator Scherr Tumico
Brown and Sharp Profilometer

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